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Medical ICU

The MICU is a 20- bed adult critical care unit with a diverse patient population comprised of complex respiratory failure, sepsis, renal failure and multisystem organ failure to name a few.

  • Experienced external ICU nurses may be eligible for up to a $25K sign on incentive upon hire.

  • Relocation assistance available

“I’m drawn to D-H’s critical care in general. The team approach and atmosphere on the unit is strong.
The staff work well with physicians and each other and we have a lot of resources here that you don’t see in other institution.”
Jennifer Lyon, Clinical Practice Manager, ICU Medical Critical Care

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Miriam “Beau” Benson
Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist
Nurse Recruitment

MICU Nurse

We are a large close-knit team supported by a multifunctional support network and part of an interdisciplinary care team that holds patients, family and team members as the change-makers for exceptional care. Our environment is supportive and therapeutic for both patients, families, and staff. Our patient population comprises surgical and trauma patients. As a member of this team, you will assess, plan, organize and provide and evaluate nursing care utilizing the nursing process. We utilize the self-scheduling model. All shifts available.

Trauma Registry

The DHMC Trauma Registry is a database of more than 27,000 records. Since 1989, selected information from the medical records of all patients admitted to DHMC for treatment of traumatic injuries has been entered into the Trauma Registry. Registry data is utilized for performance improvement in trauma care, research, education, and injury prevention. DHMC registry data is also shared with the National Trauma Database, to aid trauma research and prevention activities on the national level.


The health and well-being of our employees and our community is vital to the success of our organization and a critical component of our vision to “Achieve the healthiest population possible.”

Dartmouth-Hitchcock offers a total compensation package that includes competitive health and welfare benefits. These benefits consist of “Core Benefits” that are provided by Dartmouth-Hitchcock as well as “Benefit Choices,” allowing you to select additional benefits to meet your personal situation and needs.

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