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Why travel nurses love to work AND stay at

Meet Natalie.

Natalie had been to several other hospitals on Traveler Assignments when she decided to come to Dartmouth-Hitchcock in the fall of 2013 to see the beautiful fall foliage for herself. She has since made New Hampshire her home. Nathalie is a Full Time Staff Nurse on our Staffing Resource Team.

Why did Natalie give up being a traveling nurse?

  • To become part of a team where you can make a long term investment
  • Because I was tired of having my belongings in storage all the time
Why did Nathalie decide to make Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center her permanent home?

“There are more resources her to help you then any other place I have worked”
“People at the hospital are really nice”
“My manager is great”
“While not as obvious as a big city, there are lots of things to do here like hiking, visiting the microbreweries… and skiing”
“For raising kids it is the perfect place”
“I met my husband at the hospital”
“Everyone in the South is worried about the snow, I feel like they do a great job up here with the roads.”

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Meet Justine.

Justine worked at DH from 2006 to 2012 as a full time nurse in our Neurological ICU. She decided to Travel for a few years and went to the west coast a gained excellent experience working at a large well respected hospital in LA. Now she is interested in coming back to DH to spend time with family. D-H will welcome her back in May to a full time role in the Cardiac Special Care Unit.

Why did Justine decide to make Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center her permanent home?

“Dartmouth-Hitchcock is a great hospital to work at”
“DH tries to care of it’s nurses”
“DH tries to work with the nurses on their schedules and is a flexible employer”
“DH provides opportunity for nurses to continue their certifications”

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Why New Hampshire and Vermont?

Travel Map
Close proximity to a variety of key locations.
  • Enjoy some of the bet ski conditions in the northeast!